Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Busy Crafter!

I've been distant... I'm sorry. I have not been submitting posts as often as I'd like. There has been SO much to do! I've been very crafty over the past few weeks, and I thought I'd share what I've been up to:

1. Menus - We finalized our catering menu (phew!) and I made the displays for each buffet table. 
*We initially rejected the idea of a buffet table, as you usually end up with very hungry people waiting in long lines. Since our reception is in the woods, however, family-style serving would prove difficult for our 1-member waitstaff. Also, we would need a LOT of food nets to protect against the buzzing, crawling and flying native inhabitants. Since our reception is at 1:00 and we're starting with a cocktail/hors d'oeurves hour, we're hoping that people won't be too hungry in line.  

I painted poster board and my sister burned the edges.

2. Guest Books - As mentioned previously, I chose two alternatives to the traditional guest book. Here are the instruction posters:

3. Thank-you Cards: I took large manila envelopes, cut them in half (enclosing the top opening so that there was only one opening for each half) and stitched them closed. I also added a few grains of "wedding rice."

4. Cake Toppers - We've pretty much abandoned our idea of a dessert menu, choosing an assortment of cakes instead. 

5. "Day of" Decoration Organization - To prevent chaos during set up on our wedding day, I've begun to organize items that are ready to go. First, I gathered a bunch of shoe boxes I had been saving up, I labeled each box (Table 1, Ceremony, Food Table, etc.). Next, I distributed things accordingly. Now, if I  finish a project or buy something, I'll have a place to put it!

In each Table box, I have the table runner, pictures for the table, insect candles, tags for herb centerpiece favors and individual seating tags (with diagram of where each person sits).

My Wedding Closet.

Now that all of that is finished, I'm off to do the rest!

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