Sunday, January 29, 2012

Foodie Wedding Tips

LOVE this post from Green Wedding Shoes!!! Just engaged? Looking for where to start? Here's some visual inspiration... (REALLY, these are just a few of their tips. GO CHECK THIS OUT!)

Simple and Charming

Doesn't a clean backdrop do wonders for rustic wedding decor? I love how simple and elegant it is! And look at the table numbers... who knew?!
Uh, look at that cake!!! AMAZING!
(See more at 100 Layer Cake)

Baby Shower Ideas

Yep, I'm already looking for cute baby shower ideas! My friend Heather had a REALLY cute one for her son and I found a similar idea at Pink Parsley:

It's the "Bedtime Story Baby Shower!" (with title-based munchies!)

One of the features I liked about Heather's was that each guest brought a children's classic as a gift, building a nice little library even before baby was born!

My good friend Margie had a tea party themed baby shower. To help the diaper inventory, each guest was asked to bring a pack of disposable diapers. In fact, for every pack the guest brought, she got a raffle ticket for a grand tea party prize. The tea party theme was very cute, especially for her 4-year old daughter! (For a list of Martha Stewart's recipes for a  Baby Shower Tea Party, click here.) 

Another friend, Lisa (Geez, I've had a lot of pregnant friends lately!) had a onesie-decorating party:

Guests used puff paints, fabric cut outs and markers to create one-of-a-kind onesies for baby!

Because I've learned a lot from organizing my own wedding, I'm going to stop right here and decide that I'd like to incorporate parts of these three ideas for my own. 

Of course, I'll post other cute ideas just to spread them along!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pregnancy: Week 8

Woohoo! The two-month mark! If you're eight weeks along, you might still be feeling the "sickness," although I'm excited to report a higher level of energy!!

This week, we've grown to the size of a green olive.... mmmm, green olives!
By the way, this might be my least favorite food association from What to Expect. Come on, look at the way those pimentos are sticking out. I may never see green olives the same way again...

I was looking at strollers recently... Since when are nice strollers over $1000???? And since when is infant are in the Bay Area over $1200 a month??    (Gulp.)

This is the Bugaboo Frog, conveniently priced at $629. (Gasp.)

Hello, Helpful!

Ruffled has taken the most beautiful arrangement and gone a step further - they've actually told you what flowers are in it! (WHAT?!?!)

Wedding Color Scheme

I love this latest feature from 100 Layer Cake! Look at those colors!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pregnancy: Week 6

Really, how does anyone survive morning sickness? Yesterday, I started an anti-morning sickness campaign. So far, it's not working out.

Things that have helped with morning sickness:

  1. Have something in your stomach the ENTIRE time
  2. Saltines
  3. Nilla wafers
  4. Small sips of COLD Sierra Mist or Squirt 
Last week, junior was the size of a sweet pea!!

This week, he/she is the size of a blueberry!!!

Pregnancy: Week 5

Wow, really? Food aversions already??? Morning All-day sickness already??? Luckily, the transition so far has been mild. I'm just slightly feeling nauseous all the time. I'm just slightly squeamish around sweets and greasy foods. What I LOVE about pregnancy is that my body almost immediately starts to overpower my mind when it comes to cravings. No longer must I talk myself out of a chocolate binge. No longer do I crave french fries. Instead, I have short, but intense cravings for things like cottage cheese, meat and pickles. (Why do pregnant women crave pickles? Hold on... Aha! Check out Discovery News' hypotheses.)
And when I get exactly what I'm craving, it's better than any other time I've ever had it. (The cottage cheese, for instance... AMAZING! Unlike any other cottage cheese experience in. my. life!)
With an expanding uterus comes lower back pain. My flats are doomed.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wedding Blog Addiction

As soon as I had that engagement ring on my finger, I was researching stalking wedding blogs at an alarmingly obsessive rate. Luckily for me, I hadn't discovered Pinterest yet, so the extent of my obsession was limited to the number of pics I could save to my desktop. (Don't worry, there's a point to this.) What I found after a few weeks of looking at every wedding posted on the web was that there were SO many great wedding ideas and there was NO way I'd be able to do them all. I became overwhelmed by the prospect of doing all these amazing things I HAD TO HAVE at my wedding.

The Point: Ignorance is bliss. After you've found your theme/inspiration, stick with it and let everything else go. This is especially true if you're a DIY bride. Find some great ideas, then pick your top 4 or 5, and let the others go. Believe me, your sanity is worth it!!!

State Silhouettes with Love

I'm starting to see these all over Pinterest and Etsy, and I'm so thrilled! I think it's such a cute idea!
So, you can imagine how exciting it was to see this little design make its way to somebody's wedding invite!!!
From 100 Layer Cake:
So cute! 

Wooden Bouquets

I wish I had heard of these before our big day! Luckily, my good friend Kim found them in time! Check out her post on Kim's Kitchen Sink for details..

(Picture and instructions at