Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pregnancy: Week 5

Wow, really? Food aversions already??? Morning All-day sickness already??? Luckily, the transition so far has been mild. I'm just slightly feeling nauseous all the time. I'm just slightly squeamish around sweets and greasy foods. What I LOVE about pregnancy is that my body almost immediately starts to overpower my mind when it comes to cravings. No longer must I talk myself out of a chocolate binge. No longer do I crave french fries. Instead, I have short, but intense cravings for things like cottage cheese, meat and pickles. (Why do pregnant women crave pickles? Hold on... Aha! Check out Discovery News' hypotheses.)
And when I get exactly what I'm craving, it's better than any other time I've ever had it. (The cottage cheese, for instance... AMAZING! Unlike any other cottage cheese experience in. my. life!)
With an expanding uterus comes lower back pain. My flats are doomed.

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