Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pregnancy: Week 8

Woohoo! The two-month mark! If you're eight weeks along, you might still be feeling the "sickness," although I'm excited to report a higher level of energy!!

This week, we've grown to the size of a green olive.... mmmm, green olives!
By the way, this might be my least favorite food association from What to Expect. Come on, look at the way those pimentos are sticking out. I may never see green olives the same way again...

I was looking at strollers recently... Since when are nice strollers over $1000???? And since when is infant are in the Bay Area over $1200 a month??    (Gulp.)

This is the Bugaboo Frog, conveniently priced at $629. (Gasp.)

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