Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Destination Weddings: A Success Story

Now, I LOVED my wedding! I loved planning it, I loved the DIY projects (and they were mostly DIY projects), and I loved having my friends and family there.

HOWEVER, once we were about two weeks away from the big day, I suddenly appreciated the appeal and attraction of the "destination wedding." No seating charts, no invite lists, no DJ, no caterers (although I LOVED my caterers over at Toast Catering)... no craziness.

My brother and his adorable wife took that approach this month, and they're still celebrating!

So, they got married officially at the San Diego Courthouse (which, by the way, offers services outside by the ocean under a beautiful arbor during the week of Valentine's Day). Amongst them were a handful of their closest friends and family.

(Oh, and how CUTE does my sis-in-law look????)

After the ceremony, we all went to dinner and had a great time. Two days later, my brother and his wife flew with their 4 closest friends to Thailand. They travelled and partied for a few (which could be crazy in Thailand, let's be real) before having a marriage ceremony on the beach today, February 29th. This ceremony had everything they wanted - a sunset, close friends, beautiful weather and a lantern-lighting ceremony!
(Not my brother's pic, but found it here.)

This, followed by two more weeks of traveling, is how my brother and his wife decided to get hitched. And they've had no regrets!!

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