Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Photographer... check!

So, long story short, we've chosen a photographer. Actually, it's not what you may be thinking. No matter how you looked at it, we simply couldn't afford $3000 or more for pictures.

Number one - I'm the kind of person who never takes pictures because I always forget my camera. The truth is, I don't mind it! I've been living in our apartment for 9 months and have only a few pictures on the walls. As for the pictures I did put up - it was the first time in my life I had even done that much! So, having 100 pictures of our wedding isn't super important to me.

Number two - how many pictures can you really put up on the wall of the wedding? One? Two? Three, maybe? I could create an album with the rest for $500-$800, but how often would we look at it?

Number three - how great are reception photos, really? I mean, with enough cameras in the room, couldn't most moments be caught by just about anyone? (Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little.) When looking at photographers' portfolios, what I noticed was that the reception photos were never quite as polished or artistic as the engagement and ceremony photos. Second, when I attended my dad's wedding, the pictures that I came away with were all taken by family members. I wasn't so concerned with the quality, but rather the rarity of getting that group of people together and capturing that moment.

SO, with all of those reasons in mind, we've decided to do something different (which, in a lot of ways is refreshing - to venture from tradition).

We've decided to have an engagement photo session in lieu of a wedding day session!


Number One - The pictures are more varied, less formal and fun. You get several locations and outfits. With so many different pictures, we could get away with putting one in every room without looking (too) obsessed... (Well, that reason is only half viable since I'm so awful at putting up pictures.)

Number two - An engagement session is MUCH cheaper than a wedding day session. It's a fraction of the price.

Number three - we could use the photos for save-the-dates, invites, Christmas cards, New Year's cards and MORE! Let's be real - we're not photo-takers. We won't get pictures taken every year. This will be the first time I'll sit in front a photographer since my headshots taken in 2005. We probably won't take pictures for years to come.


I definitely want a fun booth. I have an SLR and a tripod, as well as awesome iPhone apps/gear (hello, Instagram, Hipstamatic, Incredibooth and the Gilf!)!

I don't love the idea of disposable cameras on the tables, although we might put a few Holgas out there:

(Check here for more Holga tricks.)

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  1. Cool! Sounds fun and different - way to be! :)