Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wedding Favors

When we were planning our wedding, the favor issue became particularly challenging.

Should we offer favors? 
This is most of the advice I got:
"Don't worry about them!" 
"Half of your guests will forget them at the table!" 
"Guests aren't there to get a gift!"
"I can't remember the last wedding favor I got that I actually used!"

If you're like me, you may want to offer your guests something (especially for making a long trip to attend or in case your wedding is taking place on a big holiday). The key is finding a favor that is both unique to the couple and useful for the guests. 

Option #1: Make your reception dessert your wedding favor. This can cut down on costs since you're killing two birds with one stone. (Of course, you could also have a dessert station in addition to a traditional reception cake or dessert.)

  • On the more grand scale, I've seen people set up candy, cupcake and dessert stations for guests, providing little baggies or boxes to take them home.
(From a wedding featured on Green Wedding Shoes!)
(From a Green Wedding Shoes feature!)
  • On a smaller scale, I've seen people offer individualized desserts with optional boxes as their wedding favors.

A friend of ours offered bacon and apple tasties from Dynamo Donuts as their dessert/favor. This picture above is from Thistle and Finch Event Design.

Option #2: Sweet Little Nothings
From a wedding featured on Green Wedding Shoes!
  • Leaving your guests a sweet little treat to take home can be cost-effective and easy. And except for guests who have health concerns preventing them from eating sweets, you can be sure that this type of favor will be useful!
(From a wedding featured on 100 Layer Cake)
(From 100 Layer Cake's Tasty Favors post.)

Option #3: Make a homemade edible favor. This could be from a treasured family recipe or something made with love. (All pictures are from 100 Layer Cake's Tasty Favors post.)

(Homemade jam from a wedding featured on Green Wedding Shoes.)

Looking for non-edible favors??? We went that route, too! Here are a few options:

Option #1: Plantable paper. You can print a thank you message on it, then guests can take it home to add it to their garden or start a garden! See an older post about how to make this useful and cute favor!

Option #2: Offer small herb plants as favors. (They can also be used to decorate tables, cutting down on costs!!!!) This is the option we used, and every single one of our favors went home with guests!!!

(See how to make it at Ruffled!)

Option #3: Offer small succulents. They will transport well and require little maintenance, making them ideal for a wedding and guests with little gardening experience!

Option #4: Offer some personalized item for the home. I've seen couples hand out personalized handkerchiefs, bottle openers, coasters and match boxes (which would've probably been cheesy 10 years ago, but they're making a comeback). 

If going with this option, I'd recommend choosing something you know most of your guests will use. As much as you might love the idea of your guests sporting a refrigerator magnet with your picture on it, there are other options that will remind guests of your special day and also help out around the house. 

Your wedding favors don't have to cause you stress (or cost a lot). If you decide to offer them, make sure they are personal to you and functional for your guests!

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