Sunday, June 3, 2012

Spring and Summer Bridesmaid Dresses

Finding the perfect set of bridesmaids dresses isn't easy. I love the trend of having bridesmaids wear slightly different dresses, and a bride should always be conscious of the dress' wearability post-wedding. (Having your bridesmaids get a dress they'll never wear again is just bad karma!)

I looked to Modcloth to find some cute inspiration for bridesmaid dress frustration...

This little number is called "Luck Be a Lady," ($75) and it's a neutral little piece that offers a complementary cut and a lot of opportunities for accessorizing. This way, each of your bridesmaids can make it her own and still look part of the posse.

This spring dress could also give way to some individualized accessorizing! Labeled "Elegant Engravings Dress," your ladies can pick this one up for $85.
What I don't like about Modcloth is that, 1.) their cutest styles always sell out, and 2.) you can't search by color. It would be awesome to be able to search by color to offer bridesmaids a variety of dress styles within a similar color scheme. 

So, I moved on to Anthropologie (a more expensive option). What I love about Anthro is that they offer a variety of dresses along the same color-scheme, so your ladies can each find something they love that can still be part of an ensemble look.

Anthro Dress #1: Novella Strapless Dress ($158) 

Anthro Dress #2: Stone Harbor Dress ($128) This little number is also available in black!

Anthro Dress #3: Smocked Mini Dress ($148) Also available in black!

I then moved on to Urban Outfitters. They really cater to the late teen/early twenties crowd (in that a lot of their dresses are small and short), but you can usually find a few options here.

#1: Cope Linen Contrast Trim Dress ($59) Pro: It comes in 3 different colors. Con: It's linen and likely to wrinkle.

#2: Thistlepearl Vicotrian Lace Dress ($59) This also comes in ivory!

#4: Pins and Needles Slit Back Dress ($69) Also available in red. This is a great option for individualizing with accessories!

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