Saturday, June 23, 2012

DIY Homemade Baby and Children's Bedding

Okay, I'm endeavoring to create my own bedding for the kiddos (which I encourage every new mother to at least try!!). I previously wrote about baby choosing unique baby bedding in another post, and I've decided to make my own!
First off, the kids will be sharing a room for at least the first year, so I wanted their bedding to match. Second, I wanted to create something in the style of Eric Carle (without buying Eric Carle bedding from Pottery Barn... tempting, but no!)
(Pottery Barn's cute Very Hungry Caterpillar bedding, $180 for the set.)

So, I scoured the virtual world for fabric sites that could offer some inspiration. Being a huge fan of, I went there first and found these designs by C'est La Viv (who also has a blog!):
This will be used for the border of my sweet boy's quilt. (I'm going to cut out fabric sea creatures and sew them between the "waves.") ($18/yard)

This will be used for my boy's quilt also (as patchwork "wave-like" chunks in the center of the quilt). ($18/yard)

This cloud design will be used in the center of my daughter's quilt. ($18/yard)

I'm going to use this swatch as a monogram for both bed sets. ($5)

I also found these designs on Spoonflower:
This design is by Nadja Petremand. I was going to put panels of it around the cloud design to create the illusion of rainbow rain drops falling from the clouds. ($18/yard)

This design is by Patty Sloniger. I was actually going to use it to create air bubbles (coming from the creatures' mouths) and maybe a few creatures as well! ($18/yard)

Next, I found actual Eric Carle fabrics at! This site offered fabrics at a much better price (around $10/yard) and offered the option to buy partial yards as well (which Spoonflower doesn't offer).

This will be used to create actual rainbows on my daughter's quilt.

This will be the border of my daughter's quilt.

This design will be the primary background of my son's quilt.

My son's quilt will have an Eric Carle ocean theme, 
(from A House for Hermit Crab)

whereas my daughter's quilt will have an earthy Eric Carle theme.

(from The Tiny Seed)

The fabrics are on their way!!
Here are my initial designs:
For my daughter

For my son...

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