Saturday, April 28, 2012

Unique and Personalized Infant Crib Bedding

Finding crib bedding you really like can be difficult and expensive. After poking around on sites a bit, I was surprised by the lack of variety. If you're looking for themes beyond the princess and safari options, guess what? There's something out there for you!

Option #1: Search for alternative styles already on the market. (Probably the cheapest of all options.)

Land of Nod (Crate and Barrel) offers a cute unisex option (gray and yellow are very "in" these days):

(This set ranges from $24-$79.)

Here's another Land of Nod option:
(Khaki in the Mix, ranges from $24-$138)

Kids Line Nursery ( have a cute forest theme (and it's organic!):
(Ranges from $16.99-$44.99, but does not feature a blanket or quilt on

Option #2: Customize your own set at Carousel Designs ( The items are listed from $19-169. I LOVE their design page! You can pick from a wide variety of fabrics to construct your own set and customize even the smallest details (like trim or tie strings)! 
Here's one I made:
Here's another! (This is way too fun!):

One last design (because why not, right?):

The price can get steep pretty quickly, but I love that you can customize every detail without having to make it yourself or find someone to make it for you.

Option #3: Find it on! Etsy features handmade baby bedding (and everything else handmade) by independent designers. These sets (or partial sets) tend to be more expensive (because they're homemade), however, you have the option to personalize most items. This can make it easier for you to construct your perfect nursery. 

Here's one I found from Miss Polly's Piece Goods when I searched for "crib bedding":
She also has these patterns:

($250 for the complete set.)

Here's another I found:

(These are the fabric samples offered by ETSY shop SweetDreamsBedding. How cute are these? A handmade set costs $229.)

From the All Nestled In Bed ETSY shop:

(This handmade partial set is $225. These patterns are made of brushed twill, making it unfit for bedsheets, but great for the bumper and bedskirt. Pricey? Of course! This is something I'd recommend for those looking for one-of-a-kind crib bedding.)

This one is totally and ridiculously out of most people's price range (at a whopping $425 for the set), but I love the subtle details and clean look!
(Check it out at the Poids Plume shop.)

Option #4: Make your own! (So, I know this task instantly seems daunting, but there are SO many helpful options out there to make it an easier task!)

Step 1: Visit - Not only can you find THOUSANDS of prints and styles, you can create your own! Because they have so many options, I highly recommend searching by color scheme or category. 
(Note: Many fabrics start at $18/yard for cotton material. I would roughly buy 6-8 yards of fabric to make a complete set, costing between $108-144 for fabric. This would not include lining, padding, thread, etc.)

Here's one I found under the Category "Animals," called Night Owl (by Leanne):

When you find a print you like, the site instantly recommends complementary prints to coordinate with it!
(Downpour, by Leanne)

(Featherland White, by Leanne)

Obviously, you can also take a trip down to your local fabric or craft store and pick up fabrics. I highly recommend searching for a fabric warehouse or discount store in your area, as these places tend to have a wider variety and are (typically) less expensive. 

Step #2: Decide whether to sew yourself or find someone who can for you. This really comes down to a time vs. money situation. If you have the time, patience and tools to do it yourself, I highly recommend it. I made my daughter's first quilt, and it's a family treasure to this day. If you don't have the time, energy or tools, it's very easy to find someone who can do the work for you. Often times, they won't charge much. 

There are SO many options for unique and personalized crib bedding! Your best bet is to establish a budget and determine your options from there. Have fun!!! 

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