Saturday, April 14, 2012

Baby Registries

Let's face it - babies are high-maintenence! They need a lot of stuff - however, that does NOT mean new parents should run out and buy every product on the market! There are definitely some things I managed to live without with my first child and I won't even think about buying this time around.

My Unnecessaries List:

  • Bassinet (for home or stroller) - it's one extra thing that takes up space, an unnecessary "middle man"
  • Wipes Warmer - too often they dry your wipes out, wasting money (and energy)
  • Changing table - your bed, couch or floor work just fine
  • Infant shoes (this hardly requires explanation)
  • Baby Carrier - many of them require more assembly than I have patience (or time) for
  • Baby food maker - a regular household blender or food processor works wonders!
There are more things on this list, but my pregnant brain think of them right now...

Of course, there are things I couldn't have lived without as well...

My Necessaries List:

  • Humidifier
  • Lightweight stroller with large storage
  • Light car seat
  • Car seat base
  • Changing pad (for when outing public)
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Emergency kit (with nail clippers, thermometer, infant tylenol, baby wipes, Vaseline)
  • Surplus of onesies
  • Surplus of burp cloths
  • Boppy (or other nursing pillow)
  • Bottle/Pacifier sterilizer 
I'm bringing this up because sooner or later, you'll have a create a registry. This can be really fun (and really overwhelming). When adding things to the registry, keep in mind that you'll have to have space for everything you get. Often times, people buy items that you won't need right away. This, of course, includes clothing. You'll get more clothing than you'll ask for. In fact, you'll get more clothes that you didn't ask for than items that you did! People simply cannot resist buying cute baby clothes!

Where do you create a registry? There's no right answer to that one. What I've done is created 2 registries. The first is through Babies R Us, a large company with many physical locations. This is good for people who don't use the Internet for purchases. Then, for my computer-savvy peeps, I create an online-based registry. I've chosen, although there are MANY to choose from today. The difficult thing is then deciding which objects go on each registry. To avoid duplicates (and the hassle of having to return/exchange items), I've reserved larger objects for the registry with physical locations and harder-to-find (or cheaper) items for the online registry. Of course, stores won't always have the same inventory, which makes having more than one registry beneficial. You can be sure to ask for everything you want/need.

Tip: Let creating your registry be a fun process. If deciding which breast pump to use is driving you crazy, let it go and come back to it later. If you won't need an item right away, don't worry about it until later. Like I said, only a fraction of people will actually refer to your registry when buying a gift. Don't let your list stress you out. IT'S NOT WORTH IT!!!


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