Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Indie Garden Wedding

The Ruffled post features some really unique ideas! It's got kind of a bohemian feel to it, no?

I think the dress totally works for this type of theme and venue. (See more below.)

I've never moved away from the idea of bringing in furniture to create a rustic and comfy environment. How one would get and transport such furniture is a completely different question...

Somehow (and I have no idea how), the dress, necklace and pig mask totally work... I think it's the collaboration of every color and texture in the photo. Belovely Events are (I imagine) the creative minds behind this photo shoot. They're events have a really charming and playful feel - I'm impressed!

Really interesting color scheme, and they've worked in rustic and antique accents. 

Hey, nice guest book! I love how people are taking this idea and really personalizing it!

Having a wedding in a greenhouse could have it's complications, but in the springtime (when it hasn't gotten too warm yet) it could be perfect!

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