Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's a... Announcement Cards + NEWS!

My husband and I went to our 5-month ultrasound last Friday. This ultrasound is used to measure baby's size and the proper development of all growing body parts. Oh, yeah, you also get to find out the gender! While I really admire those who decide not to know, my husband and I just don't have the patience for it. I'm glad we found out, for as soon as we heard, we realized how unprepared we were for that answer.

In an effort to be crafty, I created these cards to let our family know what the baby is. Because I'm so close with my family, I had to have them ready to send the day of the ultrasound. So, I made the cards, but saved attaching the hearts for afterwards.

 The heart is hidden by the "diaper," requiring the recipients to unfold the diaper to find out the gender.
This is the "diaper" sealed with baker's string. The diaper card template is a Silhouette SD template, available for $.99.
To make the envelope, I took normal business size envelopes, measured a solid line to indicate how big it needed to be, then measured a 1" cut line above that to create a folding seal.
I cut along the cut line.
I cut along the folds of the envelope from the cut line to the solid line, then cut off one of the lips. I then rounded the corners.
I sealed the flap of the original envelope. 
I stamped it with the monogram I made for our wedding.

In the end, it was a great idea for my husband's side of the family. Since we don't talk to them every day, it was a pleasant surprise for them. For my family, who I speak to on a daily basis, it was torture for them. Having to wait a whole day to receive the news after I had found out was hard for them. 
If you want to do something like this, and you talk to your family all the time, I highly suggest not telling them when your ultrasound is, so it's a surprise!

Oh, and by the way, it's a BOY!


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