Sunday, March 27, 2011

Alternative Bachelorette Party/Bridal Shower

I've been reading about alternatives to the traditional bachelorette party. You know, the "drink-all-night-Vegas-clubbing-boa-wearing" craziness that so many partake in.

Well, some of the alternatives have included wine tasting trips, spa days, cooking classes, chocolate tastings, craft days and so forth.

I also thought this could be fun for the bachelorette or bridal shower!

It's a cookie exchange party, with cute recipe cards (and cookie eating, of course!) The one featured on The Pretty Blog is for Christmas, but imagine something similar for a bachelorette or bridal shower. There could be other desserts, wine, a traveling massage therapist, a pedicurist, girly flicks...

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  1. I planned an awesome "alternative" bachelorette party for Reed, if I do say so myself. She wanted something low-key, so we did afternoon mani-pedis, checked into to the Claremont, changed for dinner (and yes, there was the obligatory costume veil) at Cafe Biere (Ivan made us a special 5 course meal). We spent the night at the Claremont (there were only 4 of us, so we just all shared a room) and had brunch at a local spot with Reed's family, and a spa day at the Claremont the next morning (which was the day of the rehearsal, day before the wedding).

    It was perfectly relaxing, perfectly indulgent, and pretty affordable too. I had looked into some cool things in SF and nearby areas, but once you throw the word "wedding" or "bachelorette" around, the package deals turn out to be pricey. We saved money by doing things in different places rather than doing a "Bachelorette Party Package" type thing. We wanted to do wine tasting too, but Reed's work schedule changed last-minute and we didn't have time. was a great time! :)

    I'm all about catering your bachelorette party to your interests! It's your wedding, after all!