Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Official Event Schedule

So, we've settled on the few important details:
Locations - Check!
Caterer - Check!
Flowers - We're planning on using potted plants as centerpieces, with a few bouquets here and there.
Dress - Check!
Shoes (very important!) - Check!

Instead of holding the ceremony at the reception site (or even nearby), we're going to have the best of both worlds! We're going to hit City Hall on Friday (celebrating the night away with a small group of friends and relatives), then having an early evening reception on Saturday. This way, we can extend the festivities and set up the reception site at our leisure Saturday morning. A nice, relaxed and fun wedding. A little traditional, a little non-conventional - like us.

Here's my rundown:

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  1. It's impressive that you've crossed so many things off the list so far in advance! And your schedule is super cute :)