Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sofia Blanc de Blancs... in a can?

I've been seeing these a lot at different weddings:

(Pic above from 100 Layer Cake)

From an article at MSNBC:
"The cans are meant to appeal to what Martin has described as a "Sex in the City" crowd: sophisticated female city-dwellers, from just over drinking age up to their mid-30s.  It's a different audience than most wine drinkers. 
Like many wineries, Niebaum-Coppola has been looking for ways to attract younger drinkers who may still have a beer-and-shots preference left over from their college days, or those who have gravitated to punchy drinks like vodka with Red Bull.  Initial marketing was word-of-mouth, Martin said, but the national release will include print ads in buzz-generating magazines like Paper and Surface.Thus the can is upscale but not snooty: almost a fashion accessory, and an excellent sell to twentysomethings hoping to look a bit more grown-up and refined without being seen as stodgy wine drinkers like, say, their parents. The winery wants a small, loyal following that appreciates sparkling wine as an affordable treat more often than once a year."
Has anyone tried this before?

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