Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Antique Shopping!!

In order to create a vintage theme, we went antique shopping this weekend. Yay! It was the first of many antique shopping experiences that will focus on staging for the wedding. This is what I found today:

From left:

1. Washboard - I thought this would be great to add a magnetic Welcome! to.
2. Music sheet book - as we're considering themed tables, a Music table would be necessary. The fact that it said "Music" and "Education" was a deal breaker... Oh, and the fact that it was $1.
3. Painter's box - I figured this could be on the guest book table that people see right away. Inside (specifically, where paintings could be inserted) would be another welcome, perhaps with instructions for the guest book activities).
4. Wooden crayons - made with unfinished branches, these crayons will be perfect for the kids' table
5. Grammar books - these little handbooks will be perfect for the Literature or Education table (assuming we're adopting the themed table idea). These will be added to the vintage First Readers I bought last month.
6. City Hall postcards - I saw this idea somewhere, and I love it! You get old postcards (bleaching off old writing if they've been used already) and leave them on the guest book table for guests to write messages on.
7. Used stamps - how PERFECT will these vintage details be on our invites and save-the-dates?! 
8. Pan tray - this cooking pan will be great for candy/cupcake toppings on the dessert table. I could also use it to house favors.
9. Children's wooden blocks - for the kids table
10. Old typewriter keys - I was going to make cuff links using these old S and D typewriter keys
11. Vintage letter stamps - I'll use these inital and date stamps for the save-the-dates and invites. I may also put them on the kids' table with a stamp pad as an extra activity
12. Lace doily - to cut apart and use on the save-the-dates

Things I got not featured in the pic above:
1. A vintage red gum ball machine
2. Some vintage glass jars for the candy/cupcake station
3. Old wooden shutters (detailed here) for the seating arrangement

Fortunately, the long lists of items I wasn't able to find will (hopefully) be available at the Alameda Antique Flea Market next week!

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