Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dress Making

Whew! DIY weddings are a lot of work! I've been designing a pattern for my engagement photo dress (which I previewed at a wedding last weekend):

Here are my sketches. I'm going for a vintage pencil skirt with tapered strapless bodice. I love the raw fabric flowers I've been seeing on so many designs lately, so I'm incorporating that. The hardest part about creating my own pattern is that it's been YEARS since I've had to do so! I'm pretty lucky, actually, to have had sewing as a high school elective. My best friend's mom was the best sewing instructor, as a lot of the procedures and protocols have stuck with me. (Of course, I didn't remember half of them until I had made a mistakes on my preview dress!) Now that I remember them, I'm really looking forward to creating my engagement photo dress! With the engagement session being only 3 and a half weeks away, I'd better hop to it!

This is the shimmery white and gold cotton I'm going to use. Because it's so thin, I'll definitely have to add lining (which, is essentially done by creating a double of the design and sewing the internal and external together).  

I'm going to add step-by-step photos for any DIY ladies who are interested in sewing!

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