Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dress Making Part II

So, yesterday I wrote about the dress I planned to make for our engagement photo session. Today, it's nearly complete! (Yeah, it surprised me as well!) I just have to put in the zipper, add a bottom hem and sew on the raw flowers!

In speeding through this project today, several things came to mind:

1. Completing a sewing project the "right" way (that is, following procedural steps) seemed to take longer, but actually didn't. My preview dress took about 9 hours to complete (as, I spent half that time fixing my mistakes), whereas my engagement dress has taken about 4. Woohoo!

2. It would take more than 1 post to teach readers how to sew. I really tried to document each step, but there are fundamental tips that one must know in order to complete each step. As I took each picture, I thought, 'this picture needs about a page and a half of explanation.'

So, my next steps involve revealing my dress in its entirety, and drafting up some fundamental sewing tips for beginners... (Excited.)

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