Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Invite Frenzy!

Now that we've moved the wedding date up, we're making mad dashes to get invitations out. I've read so far that it's typical to send to the A-list round between 7-8 weeks before the date. After requesting a quick RSVP (around 2 weeks after delivery), you can send out to your "B-list" invitees (how awful does that sound - "B-list") depending on how many declines you receive.

So, with that timeframe in mind, I'm spending every non-working hour creating my DIY invitations. Since there isn't enough time to warrant a "save-the-date," I might use those for announcements instead. Announcements are apparently good for reaching out to people who weren't invited (or, as I like to put it - people you couldn't invite without taking a loan out for your big day).

The invites look pretty similar to these (below), however the text will probably be typed horizontally, with three pages varying from short to long. The first page will have some kind of image, the next will feature a quote (presumably) from Mark Twain:

"A marriage will give new gladness to the sunshine, a new fragrance to the flowers, a new beauty to the earth and a new mystery to life."

On the last page, our invitees will find the wedding details.

Here's a picture of the Paper Source invite backing (#10). I've duplicated them on my Silhouette die-cut machine (which has been considerably cheaper, although really time-consuming).

Will post the finished product at the end of the week!!!!

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