Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stella and Dot = Happiness!

After going to a Royal Wedding/Stella and Dot event hosted by Kim from Kim'sKitchenSink, I indulged on some wedding (and pre-wedding) jewelry.

It got here today:
Look! Even the inside of the cardboard box is cute!

 For the Big Day:

For now:

 For whenever:

 "You have a great eye!"
... Thanks, Stella and Dot.

Overall, I loved the packaging. The ego-boosting quotes are a bit silly, but the presentation of my pretty, shiny jewelry is enough to pursue purchasing from them again. Establishing a strong brand is something that really fascinates me. Last summer, I expressed my love/hate relationship with brands in this piece I call "Branded."
It features Yogi Tea quotes, a picture from an Urban Outfitters dressing room (Where else can you find chandeliers in dressing rooms??), the birthday cake candle necklace Anthropologie sent to me last year, and the floral packaging that came with a pair of Lucky Brand earrings I bought. These are brands I love because they either have a positive image or establish relationships with their customers (despite being big companies). They may only offer illusions of customer appreciation, but they're pretty good ones. 

Here's what I got from Anthro this year:
It really isn't even a decent discount. What sold me, however, was the cute little fabric envelope with star button and adorable verbiage. "This little gift is for you and only you, and cannot be turned into chocolate, flowers or cash." Come on! How cute is that?! Or, "What's in the stars for you Taurus?"
Pretty freaking cute.
I'm sold... 
I mean I'm branded.

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