Monday, May 23, 2011


It's been officially way too long since I've posted. I typically find it damaging when bloggers admit that, and now I can put my foot in my mouth. However, I have some news that will hopefully justify my absence.

We're moving the wedding up! It's going to be a crazy shift in preparation, but I'm excited about that. I went from having my dress, caterer and venue picked with over a year left to plan to having my dress and caterer and only 9 weeks to plan. That's right - nine weeks!

The rationale? For one, money. Second, the idea of having an abundance of time has been driving my Type A personality bonkers. With so much time on my hands, it's been difficult to resist shifting any decision upon sight of the latest wedding blof posting. I keep coming up with new ideas!!! Our e-sssh photographer said something that stuck with me. Their wedding was planned over the course of seven weeks. He said that window of time prevented them from worrying about some of the frilly stuff - stuff that looks cute but is unecessary. His Wes and smile expressed overjoyed in how nice their wedding was, and it gave me Some much needed perspective on what a weren't should be - a celebration of the union. I've been really concerned about little details, and it's starting to drive me crazy.
So, I will officially post the weekend confirming the date and (new) location of our upcoming "I dos."

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