Saturday, January 15, 2011

Budget Help!

Trying to figure out how much everything will cost? There's a website that can help!

Cost Helper is a company out of Campbell, CA that lists "what people are paying" for various wedding-related items or services. However, I've found that they do MUCH MORE! They list average prices, what should be included or may cost extra and give helpful tips, like
  • For weddings taking place in the popular months of June, July or August, it is important to arrange rentals three to six months in advance.
  • Tip: It is rarely necessary to rent flatware and stemware yourself, as the caterer or venue is almost always willing to provide it. But couples on a budget or who are self-catering or providing some of the food themselves might choose to do their own rentals. If you do, ask to see the rental company's inventory of flatware and stemware before you sign a contract. You'll want to make sure you are satisfied with the quality and condition of items. offers more advice on how to rent equipment for a wedding.

I discovered this site while trying to find out the average cost of wedding rentals. As it turns out, the have average costs of many different wedding-related purchases!

Check it out to create your budget or compare bids you've received to what others have paid!

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