Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sand Rock Farm = Love!

We visited Sand Rock Farm today... and loved it! It's definitely at the top of our list...

(DISCLAIMER: don't mind my shaky cam or random rambling. For a larger, clearer video, click here.)

It's a little expensive - they charge for $100-125 a person (minus alcohol, but including food, tables, chairs, linens, glassware and flatware). Luckily, if your total attendance drops or increases close to the wedding date, they can accommodate you. Kris, the main contact, is wonderful! The grounds are AMAZING! When I envisioned my wedding day, I always anticipated having to create a lot of little nicknacks to generate personalization. Here, the natural beauty makes a bride's (or wedding planner's) job simple - you don't have to do much to the place! It's truly breathtaking! My experience with Kris so far has left me feeling relaxed and comforted, which (I think) counts for something... I would highly recommend. We're still deciding if we can afford, so check back for more news on Sand Rock Farm!
They also have a 5-star score on Yelp, which adds to its intrigue.
For a guest list of 80 people, we're looking at $9600, before photographer, cake, flowers, officiant, music and decorations...

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  1. Will and I actually stayed here about a year ago - it was lovely!!