Monday, January 17, 2011

Invites: Heat Embossing

A while back I posted a DIY piece involving heat embossing. Well, I tried it today... and it works! The DIY piece mentioned using a heating tool to melt the adhesive powder, but I found my stovetop (electric, not gas) to be much faster and a LOT cheaper (the heating tool I came across in the store was $35).

Here is the embossed stamp on textured card stock paper:

Here's the stamp on construction paper:

To use this for my invites, we'll probably use brown slow-drying ink and flat card stock (that, perhaps, won't absorb the ink as quick as textured card stock?)


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  1. My Mom bought a heat gun when she was doing Athena's invites. I can snag it for you no problem. It's like a blow dryer, but quiet and hotter.