Monday, January 31, 2011


So, I've been looking at photographers, and I've compiled a list of favorites. The problem is, they're all above our budget. Knowing nothing about photography costs, we set a budget for $1300. After looking at several photographers, I'm realizing that we grossly underestimated the cost.

So, I guess I'm looking for some input. I've included 3 photos for each. Let me know whatcha think!

1. Paco & Betty ($4500 + tax = 6 hrs, an engagement session, disk w/ photos)

(They're pictures are really artistic, fun and beautiful... And they offer a photo booth for $1500)

2. Studio Castellero ($4000, full-day, engagement session, DVD)

(Their pictures are really artistic and beautiful, featuring a lot of post-production flare...) 
3. Kate Harrision ($4250 = 6 hrs, engagement session, disk w/ photos) 

4. Carlie Statsky ($3500 = 6 hrs, touch ups and proof magazine, $4500 = album, photos on DVD, engagement session)

5. Melanie Duerkopp ($3000 = 6 hrs, DVD with negatives, touch ups, $325 for engagement)

6. Emily Scott ($2900 to start = engagement session, disk w/ photos, more to come)

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  1. Hehe I think you know my opinion ;-)

    But those others are nice too. Besides Em the Gem, I like Melanie a lot. I think it's important to look at the way the photographer captures the couple's emotions and the little details (like pictures of feet, candid shots, etc.) in addition to all the artistry. Sometimes you can just tell that a photographer is great at capturing the essence of the feeling of the event. Is really passionate about supporting the bride and groom, will make you feel comfortable, etc.

    When you narrow it down, you should definitely do consultations with the photogs - I've read on APW that you can learn a lot from just meeting with them in person to see if it's a personality fit (and I definitely learned that with Reed's wedding when I did some flower vendor scouting for her).