Saturday, January 29, 2011

Invitation Inspiration!

So, we've decided on a venue (WHEW!). We're going ahead with the Log Cabin - cheap, rustic, spacious with lots of photo opportunities!

Now that that's over,  I can now focus my energies on fun, crafty things! Like our invites!
I realize I'm jumping the gun - I should be working on my save-the-dates, but I've stumbled upon a bit of inspiration!

A while back I bought a Texture Boutique, which embosses images onto paper. One of my embossing folders (aka designs) creates the image of a tree trunk on paper. Since we're celebrating in a LOG cabin, I figured this folder could be mighty helpful. THEN, I looked for a die-cut design of a heart, along with our first initials to put in the middle of the "tree." It should resemble this (except, with our initials in the center):


I'm not sure which font to use!!!!!
So, if you feel inclined I'd love to hear your favorite!


  1. Congrats on nailing down a venue! I'm partial to the DJ Picket as well - looks natural without being too feminine.

  2. look at sugar frog fonts or fonts for peas to get real handwriting...